Hotels with Four Poster Beds

Think of romance and many of us will conjure up dreamy images of luxury hotels with four poster beds.

Once synonymous with the wealthier ladies and noblemen, this popular style of bed has continued to retain its mass appeal. There’s no denying that these grand and sumptuous beds make us feel that little bit more pampered, and perhaps more secure, with their lavish canopies. And, after all, we all enjoy a spot of indulgence every now and then.

From ornate and Colonial to chunky and rustic, we have a pretty cool collection of hotels with four poster beds in the UK and Ireland. There are so many different types of accommodation too, including contemporary, chic and traditional country house.

Perfect for newlyweds and guests celebrating an anniversary, or any other special occasion, we can find you the most beautiful rooms fit for royalty. But it’s not only the beds that make these hotels rather special, you can also find heavenly views and first class facilities, which enhance your stay.

So if you want to impress your partner or celebrate in pure style, each of these hotel rooms with four poster beds promises an unforgettable stay.