If you’re looking for somewhere extra special to stay, our selection of castle hotels in the UK and Ireland will most definitely get you excited. Brimming with history and dripping in stylish charm, they not only give you a luxury stay but also an unforgettable experience. Each of the hotels has retained the spirit of its past within the ancient walls. Located throughout various parts of the country, castle accommodation let you delve deeper into the past and explore the best that each county has to offer. Encased by impressive architecture, the lavish interiors possess a uniqueness and majesty that can’t be found in other kinds of hotels.

Castle Leslie Estate Monaghan
Leeds Castle Kent

The grandeur of an British castle lets you escape to an enchanted world where you can forget everyday life, completely relax and feel like royalty. At our handpicked castle hotels you can also make your fairytale fantasy wedding come true. They provide gorgeous backdrops for photographs and are filled with all the romance you could ever need. Many of the castles can be booked for exclusive use so you can make your special day a totally private affair. Or if you want to book a visit for another celebration, you will find the staff are happy to cater to your needs. If you have always dreamed of staying in a castle? If so, we have some stunning examples for you to enjoy. There is something quite romantic about staying in a castle  and you can sense its rich heritage all around you. From the Kings and Queens that have lived there before, to the original features that have been kept and restored for us all to enjoy. Because of the incredible locations of the castles in our collection, you can savour cuisine that is out of this world. Created by fusing fresh, local ingredients, you can appreciate how much inspiration has been taken from the natural surroundings. To make your stay at a castle hotel even more memorable, the discretion and sophistication of the service is just as it should be. Whatever your excuse for booking a stay at one of these castles, we can ensure you that you will be looked after. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team if you have any special requests or if we can assist you in any way at all.