Dalhousie Castle Hotel Aqueous Spa

Tucked away inside the ancient walls of Dalhousie Castle the Aqueous Spa is a tranquil haven where you can escape reality for several hours and relax your body and mind.

The professional team provide wonderful treatments using Darphin products, which will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As a guest at Dalhousie Castle, you have complimentary access to all of the spa facilities.

Hydro Pool

Designed to make you feel energised and to relieve pains and tension, the hydro pool has multiple jets that massage the neck and body.


With less heat than a normal sauna, this Roman Style room gives off heat through the floor and benches.


Surrounded by beautiful views, this space is perfect for unwinding and soaking up the sun on one of lounge beds.


This Turkish style steam bath offers the ultimate in stress relief, with aroma essences and Kneipps hoses, which stimulate and cool the body down.

Rain and Fog Shower

This tropical rain shower with mood lighting and cold fog gives a wonderful sensation and arouses all the senses.

Kneipp Foot Bath

Take the weight off your feet and give them the attention they deserve as the smooth stones in the foot bath soothe your soles.