20 Hotel Room Essentials

Once a guest has closed the door to their hotel room, they are going to expect to find everything they need within easy reach. Now everyone is going to have different expectations, and I’m pretty sure I could extend the following list, however, I have included what I think are the top 20 hotel room essentials.

  1. Toiletries

Not only has it become crucial to provide quality or branded toiletry products in the room, guests have come to expect shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and even toothpaste. Although toothpaste isn’t generally considered an essential item, we are becoming more used to travelling light and every little helps.

  1. Towels

Nobody wants to struggle trying to squeeze towels into their overnight bag, so these are high on our list of essential items. Two large towels for each guest are preferable. If you are concerned about the environmental impact and don’t want to create more washing than necessary, simply leave a note asking guests to put any towels that require washing into the bath.

  1. Refreshments

Gone are the days when guests are content with tiny cartons of pasteurised milk (actually, was there ever a day when guests were content with this?). A small jug of fresh milk in a fridge would leave every guest feeling much happier. Tea (with a selection of herbal teas), decent coffee (a coffee machine would be ideal) and hot chocolate, along with a kettle that has a long enough lead to reach a plug socket, will also score you some brownie points. Not everyone enjoys a hot drink in the morning, so complimentary bottled water is also advisable. Thoughtful touches such as homemade biscuits are sure to make your guests feel looked after.

  1. Storage

There is nothing more frustrating than having very little space to put your clothes. Ideally, a wardrobe with more than two hangers and some drawers where you can store any other items of clothing would be useful.

  1. Lighting

Usually we visit a luxury hotel for a relaxing break so soft lighting in the room can really help guests unwind, with the option of brighter lighting for when we want to get ready to go out or do our make up.

  1. Tissues

It is much preferred to have a box of tissues in the room rather than having to go backwards and forwards to the bathroom for toilet roll, and they are usually much gentler on the nose.

  1. Iron and Ironing Board

Still there are many hotels that don’t keep an iron and ironing board in the room, so guests have to call down to reception. This isn’t ideal, especially if you’re in a rush and you have to wait for a member of staff to bring it to the room.

  1. Mirrors

The majority of guests will tell you that a full length mirror is a prerequisite when staying at a hotel, especially when they’re wearing a new outfit for the first time and want to make sure it looks great.


  1. Bathrobes and slippers

There is nothing nicer than slipping into a fluffy bathrobe and slippers when you have got out of the shower, or even when you just want to relax in the room with a drink. This is something we have come to love and expect on a hotel break.

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10. Satellite Television and DVD player

Not only is a television with satellite channels and DVD player expected in the hotel room, it should be easy to use and not require a full instruction manual just to switch it on.

11. Shower

In this day and age there is no excuse for a shower that struggles to force out more than a trickle. If you don’t invest in a powerful rain head shower, you could be missing a trick

12. Radio/alarm

Most people like to have the choice of listening to music without having to switch the television on, so a radio equipped with an alarm just in case they don’t want to answer a wake up call in the morning, is a much appreciated option. Better still, why not put an iPod docking station in there for good measure?

13. Pillow Menu

Not only will you be appealing to allergy sufferers, by providing a pillow menu you will be helping the majority of your guests get an even better night’s sleep.

14. Heating Controls

Individually controlled heating is not only a great way to let guests choose a temperature that they are comfortable with, it can also save the hotel a huge bill and can be much more eco friendly.

15. Complimentary Wi-Fi

To many, complimentary Wi-Fi is arguably one of the most important room facilities. If you still charge for this then your hotel risks appearing on a list of the worst hotels in the country!

16. Safe

Although we would all like to believe that there are only good people in this world, unfortunately there is still need for a certain level of security for our more treasured possessions. Even if you feel that there is no chance of anything going missing from one of your hotel rooms, surely this is a small price to pay for the guest’s peace of mind?

17. Men’s facilities

Being of the female variety, I clearly wouldn’t need the above, however, I do like my husband to be in a good mood before we go for dinner. A shaving socket and magnified mirror in the bathroom are vital but if you want to go that extra mile, you could always provide some shaving foam for those who prefer to use a razor.

18. Mini Bar

Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be socialising in the bar with a drink, but there are those times when I simply want to throw the bathrobe on and watch a bit of television, and the thought of having to answer the door to room service every time I want another tipple just isn’t appealing.

19. Hair dryer

Now the majority of hotels do usually provide a hair dryer, but that isn’t the only issue I have. Something with a little more power than an electric toothbrush would be desirable to say the least. And for those of you who want to really please the ladies, a set of quality straighteners certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

20. Plug sockets

Again, it isn’t so much the lack of plug sockets that is the problem in many hotels; it’s the lack of conveniently located sockets that I can’t get to grips with. By the dressing table mirror and by the bedside are the most obvious places you should consider when designing the layout of a room.

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