Gilpin Spice

With an eating experience like no other, and by following the historic spice trails from Whitehaven to Japan, Gilpin Spice offers exquisite authentic dishes that are simply too good to be missed. Cumbria is renowned for having been a central location for the spice trade, and Gilpin Spice delves straight into the culinary history of the area by bringing you on a sensational journey along the Silk Road.

Enjoy assorted exotic dishes flavoured using the aromatic flavours of nutmeg, cardamom, peppercorns, ginger, cumin, coriander and cloves, and savour spices sourced from nature-focused farms in some of the most exotic regions of the world. Gilpin Spice offers the exciting concept of producing authentic dishes which remain true to their origins but have that special twist that makes them so alluring.

In keeping with the informal ambience of the restaurant, the carefully crafted menu is a beautiful mouthwatering bundle of small and large sharing plates, snacks, soups and flatbreads. Choose from exceptional dishes including the Morecambe Seafood enhanced Thai Curry, and Dtom Yum soup, and savour the pop-it-in-your-mouth appeal of the flavoursome Pani Puri. Finish your meal with a decadent dessert, such as the deliciously dark chocolate brownie, or black pepper and yoghurt sorbet, and prepare to want to book your next visit before the evening ends.

Dine in a comfortable, laidback setting that is adorned with dropped lighting, and d├ęcor in terracotta and cream tones, with bursts of orange to complete the spicy theme. Enjoy the streams of daylight that flush the room through floor to ceiling windows, or delight in the candlelit and decorative shade-muted lighting when you dine in the evening.

Indulge in tantalising treats from the East at Gilpin Spice.