A Serene Escape to the Country

As soon as I was given the opportunity to write about an overnight stay in one of the most romantic destinations of Yorkshire, I jumped at the chance. After all; what better way to celebrate life’s successes than with a romantic escape to the countryside?

Waingates Farm huts – who’d have known there was a location positioned merely 10 minutes from the busy A1, yet filled with such a paradisiacal ambience? The short drive following the typically English country roads through the quaint Yorkshire villages left me awe-struck as I realised that I had never really explored Yorkshire before, yet these picturesque villages inspired me to continue exploring this area in the future as the beauty of this hillside county is quite incomparably remarkable.

As I exited my car, all the car revs, horns and general city-life noise stopped and instead, I could hear the birds singing in the nearby trees and the gentle breeze accompanying them. Peace at last.

As we entered our secluded garden area, we were greeted with Matthew, the owner of these unique and funky huts. He showed us around our hut; Tain, how to light a fire for both the indoor fireplace inside the hut and for our contemporary, uniquely designed, log-burning hot tub – very cool. Not to mention, the procedures if one of us was to accidentally place our head into the fireplace. Afterwards, he wished us a fabulous stay and hoped we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in this serene location.

First thing’s first, we had to grab a bite to eat. The Crown Inn in Roecliffe supplied us with the most mouth-watering dishes we had both ever had. I will never forget the look of pure gratification on my partner’s face as he first bit into his pork – before shoving his fork towards me to also take a bite.

After our mouth-watering meal, we quickly dashed in and out of the local village shop for a few snacks and a bottle of wine before driving back to our luxurious Sheppard Hut. I poured the bubbly and bubbled with excitement while my partner finally started up the wood-burning hot tub; something I’d been looking forward to as soon as I knew I’d be visiting Waingates.

After waiting only half an hour, we both decided that it would be funnier to jump into the hot tub earlier rather than waiting for it to fully heat up. Together, we sat in contempt while watching the stars, in awe of our hot tub heating success. We remained here for over two hours, gazing into the starry night sky and drinking wine as we shrivelled into raisins while the freshly heated up water surrounded us both. Despite the supposedly chilly October weather, the steam off the water still floated from our funky shaped tub into the nights sky, creating a captivatingly mystical ambience – a conclusively surreal experience.

Finally, after we had dried off and changed into our pyjamas; we got into bed and watched a rom-com on the TV (my choice of film, probably not his,) and cosied up while the indoor log-burning fireplace crackled blissfully beside us. Officially the most romantic evening of my life.

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