The Langdale Hotel, Lake District

A Luxury leisure resort tucked away in the Lake District

Langdale Estate, Great Langdale, Nr Ambleside, LA22 9JD
  • The Langdale Hotel, Lake District
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What We love
  • Stove Restaurant
  • Spectacular location
  • Feature Rooms

You will always remember the moment your car rumbles over the cattle grid on the road into Elterwater.  The view is literally breathtaking.  This has to be one of the most beautiful scenes on earth.  The Langdale Hotel in the Lake District is tucked away in this perfect setting, a resort style estate, full of everything you need for the ultimate luxury break.

The Langdale Estate started as a small woollen mill in the 17th Century, where the fast flowing water or Langdale Beck powered the mightiest of machinery. Evolving through the years, the Langdale Valleys and Estate have been home to an array of industrial businesses including a Gunpowder Works, leaving behind a trail of history for you to explore.

The Langdale is so much more than just a hotel.  Covering a private 35 acre area, there are various accommodation types available, plus fabulous facilities located in beautiful settings throughout the wooded estate.

It is yours to explore as the hotel provides you with nature trails, historic ‘gunpowder’ walks or valley and fell walks for the more adventurous!

The resort style arrangement works wonderfully well and adds a magical feel to this already splendid establishment.  You have a choice of hotel rooms, different themes and design styles.  There is such a good choice that it comes as no surprise that an unprecedented number of guests return to the Langdale Hotel.



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