Radisson Collection Royal Mile, Edinburgh

A contemporary design hotel in the heart of Edinburgh

1 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh , EH1 1AD
  • Radisson Collection Royal Mile, Edinburgh
  • G&V Rooftop rest suite
  • G&V lobby
  • Cucina at G&V edinburgh
  • G&V chaise longue
  • G&V studio suite
  • G&V bar
  • G&V lounge
  • epicurean dining tables
  • G&V shop
  • G&V-Hatti-Pattison-Living-Room
  • G&V bedrooms
What We love
  • City location
  • Design interiors
  • Cucina Restaurant
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Taking pride of place on one of Scotland’s most prominent streets, Radisson Collection Royal Mile Edinburgh has all the elements of a 5 star, boutique property. Interiors at this design hotel are contemporary and truly inspired, making it a magnum opus of this cultural city.

Local designers have used every shred of their creativity and talents to produce interiors that are seriously striking. Combine this with state-of-the-art facilities, a vivacious Italian restaurant and bar, spa and impeccable hospitality, and you have a pretty special place that is fast becoming one of the most impressive boutique hotels in Edinburgh.

Paying respect to the area’s royal heritage, Radisson Collection Royal Mile Edinburgh optimises the incredible views of the city and the historic buildings, while at the same time drawing it into the 21st century. Every inch of the hotel is immaculately dressed with high end furniture, flamboyant colours and lavish touches.

Taking a huge step away from the traditional Scottish tartan, this really is a breath of fresh air in the city. What we love about the hotel is its ability to embrace eccentricity without crossing the line.

Cucina at Radisson Collection Royal Mile Edinburgh is an award winning restaurant that encapsulates Italian passion and delivers authentic dishes that continually push limits. Whether you want to linger over courses from the a la carte menu or enjoy something from the pre-theatre menu, you will be presented with wonderful Italian delights. The Bar is cool and colourful with fabulous cocktails always on the go. This is a lively place where everyone wants to be seen.

But let’s not forget the hotel’s exciting location. Bringing Edinburgh’s old and new towns together, Radisson Collection Royal Mile Edinburgh assumes one of the most enviable positions, making it one of the best city breaks in the UK. The magnificent Edinburgh Castle is just a few minutes’ walk away, and you’ll find countless shops, restaurants and attractions right on the doorstep.

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