Combe Grove Hotel, Bath

Country house meets boutique design

Brassknocker Hill Bath Somerset , BA2 7HU
  • Combe Grove Hotel, Bath
  • Combe Grove Luxury manor room
  • Combe Grove Manor House room
  • Indoor pool at Combe Grove
  • Outdoor Pool at Combe Grove
  • Combe Grove Manor house room
  • Combe Grove dining room
  • Combe grove Lounge
What We love
  • Ultra-cool design
  • Beautiful grounds
  • Striking views

Combe Grove is no longer available through CrispWhiteSheets. View more hotels in Bath

As you wind along the driveway beneath a leafy canopy and spy the grand building, which nuzzles into 70 acres of unspoilt woodland and manicured gardens, you know you have arrived somewhere extra special.

Sitting proudly on top of the hill, Combe Grove hotel in Bath is embraced on all sides by awe-inspiring views that stretch into eternity. Welcome to a peaceful world where time stands still and relaxation in inescapable.

Inside the building, stories of a long and incredible history whisper among the walls. Dating back to 1698, Combe Grove was first owned by a merchant from Grave’s End, and it has passed through several hands, including Methodist preacher, John Wesley, before becoming a hotel in the 1970s.

Throughout the decades, the building has undergone many changes, but none quite as significant as the renovations that are currently in progress. Vibrant, boutique rooms and endearing eccentricities will add real excitement.

The new owners have already begun to put their own colourful stamp on the hotel, transforming Combe Grove into so much more than its beautiful setting. With a brand new spa, restaurant to dine for and funky cellar bar in the pipeline, Combe Grove is set to become a real show stopper and one of the hottest places to be in Bath. Already the restaurant has started to take on a more glamorous persona and is expected to be completed by Easter.

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