Leamington Spa Activities

Right at the stylish and elegant heart of South Warwickshire, Leamington Spa hotels offer many unique and exciting things to do. There is an impressive array of entertainment venues in the gorgeous town centre, including some of the country’s best spas and restaurants. From museums and gardens, to top quality shopping, there is a whole range of Leamington Spa activities for all the family.

Architecturally stunning, the North end is full of white Georgian properties, whilst in the centre there is the famous Victorian park, Jepson Gardens. First opened in 1831 for informal walks alongside the River Leam, Jepson Gardens is now a hive of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Take a boat ride or a walk through the sensory gardens, where there are all kinds of plants to see and touch – perfect for the kids. You can finish off your visit by eating in one of the many cafés or restaurants dotted around to really complete your day out.

Just across the road there are the Royal Pump Rooms, which have become a must-see cultural and tourist complex. It houses the town’s museum, Art Gallery, Library and the Tourist Information Centre. Over 200 years old, this attraction is steeped in history. In the museum itself there are displays of the historic use of the Pump Rooms and the spa treatments that were used – you even have a chance to sample some of the renowned spa water.

At the heart of Leamington Spa is the iconic church, dating back to 1842. One of England’s largest churches All Saints Parish rivals many cathedrals. Out of the ordinary size and stunning gothic architecture make this a must visit for those who want to soak up the culture and learn a little bit more about the history of this beautiful town.

Or if you prefer, you can simply take a walk around the town and soak up all the culture it offers. Book a guided tour, or stroll around and see what hidden gems you can find. With a great mix of places to eat, shop and browse, there literally is no end to the possibilities of Leamington Spa activities.

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