Interview with Richard Edwards

CrispWhiteSheets asked Richard Edwards, Head Chef at the Lords of the Manor in the Cotswolds to answer a few questions for The Hub.


CWS: At what age did you start taking cooking seriously, knowing you wanted to continue it as a career?

Richard: 14 – after work experience


CWS: Do you have a favourite dish that you can’t live without?

Richard: Pizza


CWS: What’s your favourite childhood dish?

Richard: Mum’s macaroni cheese


CWS: Can you remember the best tip you were given as a child?

Richard: Don’t talk to strangers!


CWS: How do you keep your menus exciting and new? Where do you get inspiration from?

Richard: Simply follow the seasons and look outside the kitchen.


CWS: What’s the secret to seasoning and how do you please everyone?

Richard: Taste everything as you make it.


CWS: What’s the first thing you would teach a budding chef?

Richard: The importance of good knife skills


CWS: What’s the one thing that every successful chef should know?

Richard: I’m still finding out!


CWS: What sacrifices have you had to make in your life to become a great chef?

Richard: My social life. Every chef will tell you that!


CWS: Have you ever disagreed with a customer when they have returned a meal?

Richard: It may be that I disagree but NO, the customer is always right.


CWS: Can you remember a dish that you cooked better than anything else?

Richard: No.


CWS: What’s the first dish you would teach a novice to make and why?

Richard: An omelette. Master the simple and rest will follow.


CWS: Would you ever consider having your own TV show?

Richard: It would have to pay very well!


CWS: What’s that magic line you have to cross to become a Michelin star chef?

Richard: There really is no magic line!


CWS: If you were to begin your career again would you do anything differently?

Richard: No


CWS: What are your ambitions for the future?

Richard: Enjoy cooking, be happy.


CWS: What do you love most about being a chef?

Richard: I simply love cooking.


CWS: What advice would you give to someone who wants to earn a Michelin star?

Richard: Don’t chase it. Please your guests and hopefully accolades will follow.

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