Get the Luxury Hotel Look at Home

Do you feel like your home could do with a makeover, or are you envious of the hotels that you visit, wishing you could return home to the same luxuries? With our helpful tips - which don’t necessarily equal expense - a bit of creativity and a lot of love, your home could be the talk of the town within no time.

At we believe there are many different aspects in creating a fabulous hotel, so we have gathered a few of our favourite bits to inspire you.

Overhauling your Bedroom

The bedroom is one place where you must really get it right; after all it’s where dreams are made. If you want to get a good night’s sleep as well as having somewhere stylish to get your head down, this is the area you should invest in.

You may have noticed that many of the best hotels make up their beds with Egyptian cotton sheets, and there’s a good reason for this. The fibres that create the sheets are long and thin so they feel much softer to the touch as well as being durable, comfortable and breathable. Many people are under the illusion that the higher the thread count the better the sheets, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

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Houndgate Townhouse Twin Room

Pillows are also a major component when aspiring to achieving the perfect night’s sleep. However, it’s all about personal preference when it comes down to what’s best for you, which is why many hotels offer a pillow menu. Whatever you choose, your pillow should keep your head in alignment with your shoulders, and non-allergenic and anti-bacterial pillows are highly recommended. Some of the options include memory foam, down, or feathers. It’s definitely worth doing your research. And your mattress is equally as important so spend as much time finding what works for you.

So you have the comfort element of your bed in place, now for the fun part.

Sometimes you have to break the rules a little, be daring and create something new that will make your friends wish they’d have thought of it. Don’t be afraid to blend styles with confidence, mixing old with new, grand with rustic or even glamour with humour.

Embrace the history of your house and bring out the best of its original features by sanding down old pine doors, floorboards or beams.

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Brimstone room

Layering is too often overdone, but when it’s done properly, it can make your bed the centrepiece of the room

  • Layer cushions and throws without going overboard
  • Use different textures
  • Create an ambient atmosphere using mood lighting

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The Outbuildings

  • Accentuate the room with splashes of colour
  • Revamp an old headboard by covering it in a stylish fabric
  • Use a full length mirror to reflect the light around the space

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Idle Rocks Room 8

  • If you have a room with a view, maximise it by positioning your bed to face the window


  • Showcase the things you love and flaunt your personality
  • Add unique touches that draw the eye to them

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Frasers Discovery Bedroom

  • If you love the rustic feel, add some reclaimed furniture


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Houndgate Townhouse

  • Humorous quirks can be a real talking point
  • Unique and unusual wallpapers can totally lift a room

Add a Bit of Boutique into the Bathroom

We’re not saying you have to go and buy a freestanding copper bath or a duet rain shower; but there a few thoughtful touches that will certainly inject some class into your bathroom.

As this is a place where you want to feel cleansed and fresh, you should take the time to spruce up the bathroom. There is nothing nicer than stepping out of the shower into a warm, fluffy towel or even relaxing in the bath with a few scented candles.

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  • A heated towel rail is the perfect way to keep your towels nice and warm
  • Keep towels folded neatly or rolled
  • Flowers will add colour and brighten up even the darkest bathroom

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Idle Rocks Bathroom

  • Chunky pieces of wood make great tables for the side of the bath

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Bowood Hotel Bathroom

  • Replace a trickling shower head with a powerful rain head shower
  • Keep your handwash in a soap dispenser
  • Have a magnified mirror next to the sink
  • Invest in some quality toiletries such as Anne Semonin, Miller Harris or Temple Spa

Getting the Crisp White Sheets hotel look can be done, but most importantly, it should be a fun process that will enhance your home.

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