Things to do in Edinburgh

Visit historical monuments such as Edinburgh Castle or be washed away by the beautiful coastline. Why not indulge yourself in some luxury shopping? Edinburgh is the home of rich culture and adventure, surrounded by splendid scenery which needs to be seen.

Edinburgh Castle

This extraordinary castle, which was built in the 12th century, is a great asset to Edinburgh and its rich history. Concealing hundreds of years of rich history, Edinburgh Castle is the most significant site in the city. Tours of the castle run regularly and let visitors explore this magnificent building. Tour highlights include The Great Hall, The Royal Palace, The Stone of Destiny and the Crown Jewels.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

Feel like royalty whilst delving into the Queen’s official residence in Scotland and be mesmerised by its beautiful architecture. Visit the Historic Apartments where Mary Queen of Scots once resided, and take a tour of the Holyrood Abbey and learn about the history and legend that surrounds it.

Royal Botanic Garden 

Boasting the most colourful spaces in Edinburgh, the Royal Botanic Garden dates back to the 17th century and is a wonderful habitat for fabulous species of flora and fauna.

Arthur’s Seat

Dominating Holyrood Park, just a walk from the city, Arthur’s Seat is a group of dramatic hills where the dormant volcano sits. Take a family hike up the volcano Castle Rock and enjoy some of the best views of Edinburgh from the summit.

Royal Yacht Britannia

A trip on this magnificent boat, which served Queen Elizabeth II, may just be your cup of tea, including the Royal Deck Tearoom and behind the scene access to how to ship is run.

Edinburgh Tattoo

Visit the biggest annual spectacle held at the city's majestic castle, which takes place every August each year.

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