Castle Hotels Wales

For anyone wanting a totally unique stay and a pretty special experience, castle hotels in Wales offer all of this and more. Whether you want to delve into the country’s rich past or simply feel like royalty for a while, then there is no denying you will fall in love with these hotels.

Swathed in an intriguing history and enveloped by striking scenery, these castles offer so much more than luxury accommodation. Imposing architecture really sets the bar, and everywhere you look there is something uniquely beautiful to take in. As you begin to explore along ancient corridors and through majestic rooms, the more you are drawn into an ancient world of centuries gone by. Towering ceilings, suits of armour, wood panelled walls and beamed ceilings are some of the features that combine to enchant you with their nostalgic presence.

Filled with stories from ancient times, it really is exciting when you know that you’re walking in the steps of many a famous king or queen and other historical figures. Discover secret passageways and seek out all the nooks and crannies that add endless charm to the buildings.

And once you have finished exploring inside, you can take a walk around the well-kept grounds and imagine how life would have been. As well as the wonderful history, you can also enjoy exquisite food from menus created to bring you an unforgettable dining experience among such grand surroundings.

Whether you prefer a romantic weekend away with your partner, or a much-needed family escape, these castle hotels in Wales are suitable for many occasions. If you want something extra special, why not book exclusive use of one of the castles for a wedding, corporate event or other celebration?