A Quintessential Delight – Afternoon Tea at the Samling.

As we approached The Samling up the colourful flower lined drive way, I knew we were in for a treat! Welcomed on arrival before we had even stepped out of the car, George escorted us to the seating area of our choice. The sun was shining over Lake Windermere this particular afternoon, and the view from the terrace was truly magical! 

The Samlings’ unique blends of teas are presented to you in a wooden chest, where you are left to explore the aromas and interesting flavours of the teas in your own time. George re-appeared at just the right time and shared his knowledge of our chosen blends.

When the selection of fine delicacies arrived, we were taken aback with the presentation. It was great to see a twist on the ‘ordinary-looking’ finger sandwiches. These were open top, finely sliced miniature loaves with flavoursome toppings. Compressed cucumber with rocket pesto was a refreshing change from the norm. The array of sweet treats was something to be proud of. Butternut squash custard baked meringue and Grasmere gingerbread are to name a few. These were perfectly placed amongst your traditional classics of scones with jam and an indulgent carrot cake and the most indulgent flapjack!

I would say this was not just afternoon tea, but an enchanting experience with exquisite service throughout.

Jennifer Cordingley March 2012

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